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Kramer Procurement Solutions will help clients improve earnings through a strategic approach to sourcing goods and services that meaningfully reduces the total cost of ownership. The highest ethical standards are emphasized in every element of our procurement process. As passionate as we are about taking money off the table to reap short-term benefits, we are equally committed to building strategic relationships with suppliers to invest in the future.


We developed an innovative Procurement Process to ensure that you meet or exceed bottom-line cost reduction objectives on every transaction.

We customize an effective buying strategy to meet your specific challenges. Our strategy is collaborative -- we identify suppliers’ capabilities, and help suppliers learn to work more effectively with you, rather than sell to you, thereby improving each party’s bottom-line. Our approach is holistic – we assess your current process, and help you align your procurement strategy with performance metrics, learn specialized negotiation skills, and coordinate with other corporate stakeholders.


Your procurement team’s star athletes are those individuals who interact with suppliers on a day-to-day basis. We provide an advanced negotiation skills workshop for buyers to keep these athletes highly trained, and if necessary, take them to the next level. We help you create centers of excellence in the areas of persuasive communications, due diligence, request for proposals, contracts, and compliance.

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