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Negotiations that are collaborative and principled are critical success factors to saving money in procurement. Buyers spend over 80% of their day negotiating with suppliers, internal users, staff, colleagues, and bosses. They spend less than 5% of their day preparing for the many negotiations in which they participate, and even less time working to improve their negotiation skills and strategies. Professional athletes strategically prepare for every game and work on honing their skills on a daily basis.

We can provide your athletes, the buyers, with a systematic negotiation exercise program and reinforcement tools to keep them prepared and conditioned. Kramer Procurement Solutions has trained negotiators at client companies to exceed their objectives, energizing and empowering their employees with a revolutionary way to think, and building value-added buyer/supplier relationships.

We customize our optional Negotiation Workshops to meet your specific business needs. Workshop attendees participate in exercises that test their skills as effective negotiators in their area of expertise. They are given an opportunity to practice problem solving with our help on real challenges currently facing them.

In addition, workshop participants will have the opportunity to hone their skills as follows:

Procurement Process

• To implement and/or practice our Seven-Step Procurement Process and negotiation methodology.

• To be willing to challenge conventional thinking and traditional assumptions.

• To involve critical stakeholders and procurement facilitators at the inception of each deal to avoid second-guessing after vendor selection.

• To expand the opportunity pie of every deal by developing strategic alliances with suppliers and customers, involving them as partners who can derive mutual gain.

• To conduct creative and analytical due diligence and search for best practice companies. Studies show that highly skilled negotiators ask more questions by a factor of two than the average negotiator.

• To treat the money left on the table in every negotiation as if it were your own; because it is; and aggressively seek more: “If you don’t ask, the answer is always ‘No’.”

• To look for synergy, leverage, and supply chain efficiency opportunities in each deal.

Negotiation Skills

• To understand principled negotiations with a conceptual framework – a language and a process to use before, during and after a negotiation.

• To apply a simple strategy for negotiations that enables you to pursue your interests without giving in or getting into confrontation.

• To know how effectively to deal with people who use dirty tricks or hard bargaining tactics.

• To think of yourself as a reflective negotiator who always is improving and reaching satisfying outcomes.

• To better negotiate outcomes reached with integrity and Ethics through the creative development of alternative ideas and options.

• To reach more satisfying solutions to which both parties truly commit.

• To be able to see things from the other person’s point of view and how to leverage that perspective.

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