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Many corporate compliance programs address the major antitrust implications in dealing with competitors and negotiating with buyers or suppliers. However, antitrust training may not be systematic or consistent. In addition, training by attorneys tends to be focused on protecting the company and its executives from severe consequences, rather than improving the way the company does business in order to improve the bottom-line.

Kramer Procurement Solutions' optional Antitrust Workshop can help our engagement clients train both buyers and suppliers so they will:

• Understand antitrust laws and how they relate to the performance of daily job responsibilities.
• Recognize and avoid potential antitrust violations.
• Develop interpersonal skills to help them respond appropriately to situations with possible antitrust implications.

This optional workshop is a reinforcement of our Seven-Step Procurement Process, with a focus on improving negotiations and optimizing outcomes. We can tailor the program to meet your industry needs, and if necessary or desirable, work with the attorneys of your choice. The antitrust workshop can include the following scenarios:

Mergers & Acquisitions – Strategic Documentation.
Relationships Between Competitors – Price Fixing.
Relationships With Competitors – Group Boycott.
Obtaining and Using Price Information –Supplier Contact.
Relationships with Manufacturers – Price Fixing / Exclusionary Conduct.
Relationships with Suppliers – Price Discrimination (how to defend against the Robinson Patman Act and alternatives to lying about alternatives).
Unlawful Arrangements with Suppliers – Resale Price Maintenance.
Relationships Between Competitors – Restraint of Trade.
Avoiding Antitrust Violations – Summary.

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